Why New Heights Siloam?

 Committed to The Gospel
Many of us have grown up in different parts of the U.S., the world or in different socioeconomic backgrounds. However the “one” thing that we seek to hold us together is The Gospel (the good news) of King Jesus.
 We Learn About Jesus Christ
As we engage the Scriptures, we see a God that loves us no matter what and is seeking us even when we are far away from Him and His control (i.e., Ezekiel 36 & John 10). Based on this belief, we ask Him to show us the parts of our hearts that are still not fully committed to Him and His Kingdom. So we purposely provide space in Sunday morning worship and mid-week Community Groups to be transparent and genuine with one another. That way we can come to know Him more and be more committed to His on-going Kingdom work.
We invite you to worship our King with us each Sunday @ 10:45 AM