Gospel Community Groups

There are many names for such groups, perhaps you have been a part of one at some point in your life. Some churches refer to them as Small Groups or Bible Study Groups, but our reasoning for calling them Gospel Community Groups at New Heights is because ”The Gospel” is foremost why we gather together and blend our lives with each other. Through the Gospel, we are drawn to our Father and we see the importance of sharing life with one another. If done correctly, the end result is deepening relationships and expressing God’s love with those we work with, go to school with, and with people we meet in everyday life.
We place a high priority on helping connect everyone to a GC Group, that we preach about it ad nauseum 🙂  So, if we can help connect you to a group or answer questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Community Pastor Chris Borkert for more information or ask anyone on Sundays (three out of four attendees at NH’s belong to a GC Group).
Looking forward to living in community with you!