We encourage everyone to join one of our church group reading plan. They are unique to our church and will provide you with a community to be part of as you are reading. Developing the habit of living in God’s Word is difficult, and we are not meant to walk this Christian life alone. We need you! Please follow one of these links to join in our Church-wide Bible-reading movement.

The benefits of joining a group plan are twofold (at least)
1) Keeps you accountable. You know that you’re not in it alone. We all know how hard it is to stay committed when we’re trying to do it all by ourselves.
2) There is a “Talk It Over” section after each day’s reading. In order to get the most out of each day’s reading, we highly encourage you to find one thing to meditate on from the day’s reading and write your reflections. Then others can be blessed as well and you can also read other people’s reflections for things you might not have noticed!

Bible Reading Plan

We will be following the “The One Year® Bible” Reading Plan

About the One Year Bible Reading Plan
The benefit of the One Year Bible Reading Plan is that each day you read a passage from the Old Testament, a passage from the New Testament, one Psalm and one Proverb. This way you get doses of both Old Testament and New Testament. Sometimes when reading through the Bible, it can get a little tough in the Old Testament. Not only that, you eventually find yourself longing for Jesus and the gospel. But in traditional plans, you won’t get to the New Testament until towards the end of the plan. In this plan, you get both the Old Testament and the New Testament. Plus, you get one Psalm and one Proverb a day, which can be a great way to pray through Scripture.

The Plan (via YouVersion Bible App)

“The One Year® Bible” Reading Plan 
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The Plan (as a printout)

“The One Year® Bible” Reading Plan PDF
(Right Click, Save As) “The One Year® Bible” Reading Plan PDF

Bible Reading Plan General FAQ

1, Which version should I read? 
You can read any version you want. However, we usually preach from the English Standard Version (ESV), so if you are able, read from the ESV.

2, I missed a day, What do I do?

If you miss a day, week etc…, simply extend a hand out and slap it with the other and repeat “bad human”..haha no, no, don’t worry – just pick up with the current day’s reading. Don’t be stressed with having to catch up (unless you can!) . While the goal is to read through the Bible in a year, the bigger goal is to develop a habit of being in God’s word daily and to meditate on it. 

YouVersion Bible App:  It’s past January 1 and I want to set up the plan.

1. Join our church group plan that has been going since Monday, January 14. See above for links to join our group plan or if you are to lazy to scroll up just click here..no worries we have you covered.
2. You can set up a private plan on the app and change the start date back to January 1 so that the current day’s reading is the correct reading. For information on how to do so, go here. Unfortunately, at the moment it is not possible to push a start date of a plan back on a group plan. If you want to take part in a group plan, please join in one of the existing group plans that other church members are already in.